Our first few founders:
Amy Godwin, Tom Kleinboeck, James Williams, Frank Edgson
Where do you fish?
Where do you camp?
Where do you play?
Where do you explore?
Superior Streams - let's keep them safe.
Improve stream health for generations to come.

Project Updates

Throughout the course of the summer, two students working as research assistants for Lakehead University's Geography Department are focusing on Superior Streams. They will alternate writing weekly journal entries to update on their individual project updates.

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Past Research

The stream research and assessments have been used to identify key streams that are most in need of rehabilitation. Past research results of 10 streams assessed in 2015 were compiled into one mapping database.

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InfoSuperior Research and Information Network aims to connect citizens, students, academics, government agencies, and economic interests around Lake Superior. Our focus is community engagement to identify, and act on, environmental concerns of North Shore residents. Concerns become conversation, research, action, and results.

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