YOU ARE GO FOR DATA COLLECTION! Now that most of the streams east of Nipigon are finished, we have been able to drive to the sites chosen for the day straight from Thunder Bay. As nice as it was to camp at Neys and Rainbow Falls, the call of my warm and comfy bed is […]


For the past two weeks Nathan and I have been camping at provincial parks along the north shore while we’re assessing streams far east of Thunder Bay. From the 18th to the 22nd we spent our evenings and nights at Neys Provincial Park, and from the 25th to the 27th we were at Rainbow Falls […]

Practicing for the field

Since my last update I have continued in the office preparing for the field. I am currently working on invasive species lists and at risk species lists for the Lake Superior watershed. These lists will be used in the field to assist in the identifying and reporting of invasive and at risk species. I have […]

Exploring what it means to be a researcher…

For the past two weeks with Superior Streams, I have been working in the office preparing for the coming field work. In order to get all our ducks in a row, I’ve been writing protocols for the data collection itself, as well as for the crew’s safety while working in and around streams.  Now, of […]


I study Environmental Management and work as a Research Assistant at Lakehead University. My research with Superior Streams involves data collection and stream assessments in relation to fish habitat. This research is part of the initial phase in continuous research on Lake Superior’s North Shore streams, which will promote streams for rehabilitation projects. I came […]