Map Tutorial

How to use the Superior Streams web map



The Superior Streams web map displays information about a selection of streams along the north shore of Lake Superior. The map can be navigated by clicking and dragging on the map and zooming in and out, or the north shore streams can be explored using the navigation panel on the left.

Scrolling down on the information panel next to the map, there are descriptions of seven streams that have been assessed as part of the Superior Streams project. You can also click the circles on the left hand side of the page to move to the various streams.


As you click on a stream or the associated catchment area, a window pops up identifying map elements that were selected. You can scroll through the attributes of the selected elements by using the arrows in the top right hand side of the pop-up window.

The information includes the watershed area, stream length and the location of a pour point that represents the outlet of the catchment area.

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Data amalgamtion


50 restoration


A data amalgamation section, containing all of the 2015 field data can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the information panel. The orange points are data collection locations (primarily at road or train track crossings). Click on these points for pop-ups that display the attribute values. This information includes a general description of the stream, riparian and instream vegetation, stream cover, stream substrate and water temperature. The field researchers also indicated the severity of stream barriers and the potential for restoration based on the ability of fish to migrate upstream.


The legend can be selected in the top right corner to identify the map symbols.


Beside the legend in the right corner the list of map layers can be accessed through a dialog box, allowing the user to customize the map view by applying various options to each layer.


The basemap layer can also be customized by clicking on the symbol that looks like four tiles in a larger square.


Have fun exploring the Superior Streams web map!