Practicing for the field

Since my last update I have continued in the office preparing for the field. I am currently working on invasive species lists and at risk species lists for the Lake Superior watershed. These lists will be used in the field to assist in the identifying and reporting of invasive and at risk species.

I have the opportunity to go outside and walk around the McIntyre/Neebing River on Lakehead University campus, to refine my fish knowledge and experience. I look for where small fish like to hide along a river system in different weather and water level conditions, and I also get great fish identification practice while I’m out. Some species that I have found in the river and been learning to identify include mud minnows, skulpin, white suckers, longnose suckers, blacknose dace, longnose dace, brook trout fry, rainbow trout fry, and I am slowly learning how to differentiate the many similarly looking minnow species. I also sometimes find other cool things, like a turtle that likes to swim around one section of the river. Some random fun things happen in the office as well: just the other day I had the opportunity to check out a new drone and got a chance to fly it in a flight simulation program.

These trips to the river are not only very fun, but give me practical knowledge that I can use when it comes time to do the field research.

Working with Superior Streams I continue to learn more about the professional world and gain valuable experience. I’m grateful to be in a position where work doesn’t feel like work.