Superior Streams

Superior Streams was founded by people who care deeply about the environmental health of area streams and the fishery. This passion has been turned into action by Thunder Bay Stewardship Council members Tom Kleinboeck and Frank Edgson, who first envisioned Superior Streams. A growing record of solid action, projects and volunteer participation aimed at improving the environmental health of area streams has been built upon this original vision.

Superior Streams has been joined by faculty and students of Lakehead University’s Department of Geography and the Environment. Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and the Environment Dr. Rob Stewart leads Lakehead University’s efforts, assisted by Jason Freeburn, department Technician and Reg Nelson, Geospatial Data Centre Technician.

Lakehead University‚Äôs research efforts complement the original vision of Superior Streams by quantifying baseline conditions in streams flowing to Superior. A primary research objective is to identify those streams which may have been impacted by activities like resource extraction, construction projects, or road and railway building. Streams which could use a “helping hand” are identified for rehabilitation projects benefiting fish and aquatic populations.

Underwater Substrate

Lakehead University graduate student Nathan Wilson heads up student participation as data is collected to quantify baseline environmental conditions like water flow, water chemistry, fish populations and diversity of species. Nathan is assisted by Natural Resources Management students Brent Straughan and Sara Cockhill.

Superior Streams is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry through funds of the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem (COA), also by Lakehead University.